The 'Lift It' fitness guide is a workout programme designed to work on your fitness level and help you increase your strength in the gym. This is a strength-based programme.


It's suitable for beginners and those who already have a fitness routine but are wanting to try something new. 


The guide is a progressive 8-week workout programme, split into 2 parts- weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-8. As the guide progresses, the workouts become more intense and complex.


With this guide you will receive an in-depth welcome pack that explains the workout programme in detail, the workouts themselves with photo demonstrations, a video library of all the exercises in action and a printable workout log for you to record your sessions. 


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  • This guide may only be used by the person who made the purchase. This guide cannot be shared with other people or online via any platforms- any attempts to do so are against the law. 


    As this is a digital download, refunds cannot be made unless you find something faulty with the product (eg, the product doesn’t download properly, pages of the PDF are missing etc). Once you have downloaded the PDF, you have waved your right to the 14 day cooling off period as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 


    As with any health or fitness programme, results cannot be guaranteed.