You will first complete a consultation form to help me learn more about you, your lifestyle + goals and ensure we'd be a good fit together. Once we've established if we'd be a good team, you'll be sent a new client form to fill out which gives me an in-depth insight into your current lifestyle and fitness capabilities, your current diet and nutrition and any specific goals/time frames you have. This is to make sure I can make your programme as personalised as possible.


You'll have your own personalised workout programme to work from. This is all delivered via an app with the exact exercises, reps, sets, rest periods etc. given to you so you know exactly what you're doing (even if you haven't done them before!). There are also video demonstrations for every exercise and alternate exercises listed if you're unable to do a certain one. You'll receive a new workout programme every 4 weeks based on how you responded to the previous programme and any likes/dislikes you may have. If you struggle with an exercise, you can get a quick video of yourself performing it and send it over for me to check your form. You can track your workouts through the app and also check what you've previously tracked so you know exactly where you're up to.


Along with your tailored calories and macros, you'll receive a nutrition e-book designed to teach you the fundamentals of nutrition so that you can learn how to use nutrition to reach your goals. You won't be put on a very low calorie diet or anything restrictive- that's no fun for anyone! This is a lifestyle change and I want you to still be able to enjoy your favourite foods whilst still seeing results. Your calories and macros will be adjusted if/when needed and will be specific to your goals. You'll also receive recipe books to help you with ideas for meals and give you some inspiration. 


We'll have weekly check-ins together every Monday where you'll be sent a check-in form to fill out. This is when we can go over your progress, see how you found the previous week and whether or not we need to make any changes. You'll update your weight, measurements and photos (if you're choosing to- if this is something that is triggering to you then we will skip this part) along with questions about your sleep, nutrition and workouts. You'll also have a chance to leave me any feedback or anything you need particular help with that week. 


Along with our weekly check-ins, you'll also have unlimited support through your preferred method of contact. This can be questions about the programme and any help you might need, or simply to moan about your day! It doesn't have to be specific to the programme- I'm here to help in whatever way I can. If you fall off track, it's my job to get you back on it so always let me know if you're struggling with anything. 


Every 4 weeks we'll change your workout programme, but we can adjust your current one in between programmes if there's something that needs changing. We'll also make adjustments to your nutrition when needed and if you have any lifestyle changes (eg. new job schedule, a week off, holidays etc) we can make adjustments for these too. 


You're not tied into a contract with me for any amount of time which means you can cancel whenever you need to. Payments are made every month on the same date you signed up and are all done via the app automatically. If you have a change in circumstances that means you're no longer able to continue, or you simply feel it's not for you then you have the option to cancel at any time. 

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