Helping women reach their goals without restriction

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Hi! I'm Rosi. I'm a qualified Personal Trainer and online female fitness coach. I specialise in female lifestyle transformations and helping everyday women reach their health and fitness goals. 

My fitness journey started the same way a lot of women's do. I joined a gym to help improve my self and body confidence but quickly realised I didn't know my way around a gym or how to reach my goals. I almost walked out there and then but I knew unless I made a change, nothing would change. I decided to invest in a Personal Trainer and I never looked back. 

I've now been coaching women for over 3 years and have worked with over 250 women, helping them to achieve their goals.

Like most of us, I have a busy life. I'm a mother, a wife, run my own business and study for my degree in Sports, Fitness and Coaching. I know what it's like to feel like you don't have enough time to prioritise your goals- which is why I can relate to my clients and their struggles, and also why I can help them navigate through it.

I don't expect my clients to be in the gym 7 days a week or eat plain, boring meals. My online coaching is made to fit around your busy lifestyle with a realistic programme and yummy, nutritious foods.


Online fitness and lifestyle coaching with Rosi Jay Fitness allows you to fall in love with training, eat your favourite foods and still see results. 

You don't need to cut out your favourite treats or spend every waking hour in the gym in order to reach your goals- and I want to show you exactly how to do it.

Not only do we work together to get you closer to your physical goals, but we also work on mindset too. A negative mindset holds a lot of women back so we spend the time together on working through your struggles to transform your mind, body and lifestyle.

Not only will you get closer to your goals, but you'll learn exactly how to do it for yourself. 


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Each client receives a personalised workout plan designed to fit around your current lifestyle with your goals and experience in mind. 

Delivered on my coaching app, you'll be able to track your workouts and watch video demonstrations for all exercises so you know exactly what you're doing.

Your programme can be gym-based, home-based or a mix of both!

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You'll receive a recipe plan full of tasty and nutritious meals that fit into your tailored calories and macros. 

All recipes will take into account your likes and dislikes, any dietary needs/preferences, how long you have to cook and much more. 

No foods are off limits! Your plan will include your favourite treats to ensure it's sustainable but most importantly- enjoyable.

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Each week we'll check in regularly with a check-in form built directly into my coaching app. This is a chance for us to catch up on the last week, highlight the positives from the week, make any adjustments and set goals for the coming week.

You'll receive in-depth feedback to your check-in via voice note or video with advice and anything you may need to implement to reach your goals. 

You'll also be able to track your progress- whether that's your weight, measurements, photos, mood, energy or stress levels. We track a wide variety of areas to make sure we don't get fixated on one area and miss any other progressions. 

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Throughout your journey, we'll communicate regularly using the chat function on my coaching app. 

Each week you'll receive short, helpful video lessons to help you along your journey. 

Building a personal relationship with all of my clients is important to me and helps you, too. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your struggles, achievements and day to day life with me so I can help keep you on track. 

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My online coaching isn't another fad diet or quick-fix. We work together to create you a sustainable and realistic plan in order to achieve long-term results. 

I work exclusively with women who are looking to create a new healthy lifestyle, build their self-confidence and invest in themselves. With my knowledge and expertise, along with your commitment to the plan, reaching your goals is no longer out of reach.

If you start today, imagine where you can be in 12 weeks?